Tips on decorating your home

The road to finding your first apartment can be a rough one. However, when you finally walk into the perfect place that you now call home, after getting through the hassle of moving, and dealing with a lot of uncertainties, you are ready to jump right into one of the most fun aspects of living on your own — decorating. To get started here are some amazing decorating and style websites to get your imagination going. Explore for yourself below.

Apartment Therapy -Apartment Therapy is a fabulous resource for all first-time renters. When you need ideas to get started decorating or ideas for how to revamp you interior, this site is heaven sent. Budget friendly, DIY friendly, and small space friendly, too.

Style Me LivingStyle Me Pretty is fabulous for a first-time decorator because it caters to every style possible and does so by proving oodles of eye candy and tips for making your place your own.

Decor8 Decor8 brings a fresh perspective in that it mixes high end inspirational photos with realistic advice about how to achieve what you see. As one familiar with decorating sites by the dozen, this “how to actually accomplish this look” tone is a subtle change of pace.

These are a just a few of my many favorites. So, what are you waiting for get to browsing, scrolling, and creating! This should help you in becoming a guru in decorating.