Enjoy a Delicious Morning Meal at a Nearby Restaurant

Are there mornings when you don’t feel like scrambling eggs or getting out the waffle iron?

Then head to a nearby restaurant where you are sure to enjoy a delicious meal:

Bette’s Oceanview Diner

Bette’s is a Berkeley institution that has welcomed customers since 1982. It features burgundy Naugahyde booths, stainless steel trim, and a 1957 jukebox that plays an array of tunes. Many of the diner’s customers have enjoyed meals regularly for more than a decade, and the staff often knows them by name. The cooks make the meals using fresh ingredients and are most famous for their pancake creations. Other menu items include waffles, Mexican Scrambles, and California breakfasts.


This restaurant is best known for its freshly brewed strong coffee served with heavy cream. Like Bette’s, it has many loyal customers, some of whom have walked through the doors for more than forty years. The restaurant is open seven days a week, and its diverse menu always offers one or two daily specials. Meals include cheese omelets, trout & eggs, and pumpkin pancakes.

Sam’s Log Cabin

Housed in a log cabin that dates back to 1930, Sam’s is famous for serving the best brunch in East Bay. The cabin was built from a kit and has a storied past as at one time it was a speakeasy followed by an off-track betting joint. In the kitchen, the cooks make the meals with ingredients sourced from their local food shack. Choices include buttermilk pancakes, cinnamon currant French toast, and yams n’ eggs.

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Celebrate National Pizza Month In October

October is famous for Halloween, but did you know that it’s also National Pizza Month?

No matter your favorite topping, you can enjoy a piping hot pizza at an area restaurant:

Zachary’s Chicago Pizza

Zach Zachowski and Barbara Gabel grew up in Wisconsin and later spent several years in Chicago. There they developed a love for deep dish pizza. In the early 1980s, they moved to the San Francisco Bay area with the dream of opening a pizzeria. They found a small place that had room for thirty seats, and it wasn’t long before the restaurant had many loyal customers. Just over twelve months later, Zach and Barbara opened another location to keep up with the demand. To date, the restaurant has won more than 175 “Best Pizza” awards, and favorites among customers include spinach & mushroom, barbecue chicken, and Hawaiian.

Benchmark Pizzeria

Owners Peter and Melissa Swanson opened Benchmark in 2012. Their website states that they believe making food is a craft and ingredients are the core components of good food, which is why the cooks make the pizza, pasta, cheese, sausage, and condiments on site. The thin crust pizzas are approximately eleven inches and are made from yeast dough. They’re covered in light toppings before being baked in an 800-degree oven. Two minutes later, the servers deliver the delicious creations to customers. Choices include fried sage, sausage and sweet peppers, and pancetta and ruby heart figs.

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Spend A Day At The Oakland Zoo

The Oakland Zoo is the perfect destination for those who want to spend the day outdoors while learning about animals from across the globe.

Nestled within Knowland Park, the zoo dates back to 1922, and its mission is to inspire respect for and stewardship of the natural world while providing a quality visitor experience.

The zoo is one of the most recognized in the United States for both its humane treatment of animals and worldwide conservation efforts.

Highlights include:

Wild Australia

Hop aboard the Outback Express Train to see amazing animals as well as a picturesque view of the bay. As the train chugs through the exhibit, passengers see kangaroos, emus, Eastern wallaroos, and so much more.

African Veldt

Known as the zoo’s focal point, the African Veldt transports visitors to the plateaus found in South Africa and Zimbabwe. The exhibit is home to giraffes, Egyptian geese, and elands.

African Savanna

This area spans four acres, and there is much to see. Watch the magnificent elephants drink water, listen to lions roar, crawl through the meerkat viewing tunnel, and wander through the Savanna Reptile cave just to name a few.

Rain Forest

The rain forest features climbing structures, lush foliage, and naturalistic rockwork. It’s where animals such as squirrel monkeys, chimpanzees, and cotton-topped tamarins live and play, while the majestic tigers splash in their pool.

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Visit A Bakery Near Solace Apartments

Moist cake. Crumbly cookies. Creamy tiramisu. For drool-worthy desserts, Richmond is near a bevy of fantastic bakeries. So where do you go to satisfy your sweet tooth craving?

The Crowned Cupcake

Why not try The Crowned Cupcake? Only 8 minutes away from our Solace Apartment Homes, this bakery specializes in a variety of scrumptious cupcakes. Their premium line includes such delicious flavors as Banana Cream, Mocha, and Churro while their cocktail-inspired line includes Margarita and Strawberry Daiquiri. The Crowned Cupcake’s “crown” jewel? The Crownie, a yellow cake filled with a delectable chocolate chip cookie and a brownie nestled inside. You’ll feel like royalty, indeed! They cater everything from bachelor parties, to birthdays, to even christenings so keep them in mind for your next event.

Maria’s Gourmet Pastries

Founded in 2005, Maria’s Gourmet Pastries, located on San Pablo Dam Road, houses an assortment of indulgent cakes. Classics like Red Velvet and Tres Leches are here among more exotic flavors such as Passion Fruit Mango Mousse and the retro Sock It To Me Cake. Not in the mood for cake? No worries! Maria’s also makes cookies, tarts, brownies, and cannolis, that will take your taste buds from ho hum to yum yum!

Rubicon Bakery

Featured in People Magazine, Rubicon Bakery has something for everyone. Their menu includes cakes, cupcakes, cookies, tarts, crostatas, and muffins, oh my! With such rich flavors as Chocolate Truffle Cake (made flourless) and Raspberry Chiffon, Rubicon is a delightful stop on your sweet treat trek. Fun Fact: Since its inception in 1993, Rubicon has employed over 100 workers that are either homeless or mentally disabled, helping them to improve their lives and get back on their feet. By going to Rubicon, you’re supporting your local community!

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Spend A Day At Tilden Regional Park

An easy drive from Solace Apartment Homes is one of the East Bay Regional Park District’s oldest properties.

It is known as Tilden Regional Park, and at just over two thousand acres, it’s considered the jewel of the system.

Visitors can enjoy much to see and do including:

Tilden Park Golf Course

Nestled in the scenic Berkeley Hills, this golf course features rolling tree-lined fairways and contoured greens. Tilden Park’s signature first hole spans 420-yards uphill to an elevated green, making it one of the toughest starting holes in the Bay Area. Golfers who wish to warm up before their round can hit balls at the three-tiered driving range complete with practice greens and more than sixty stalls.

Regional Parks Botanic Garden

This scenic botanic garden is home to a complete collection of California native plants in the state. The visitor’s center offers both tours and lectures throughout the year.

Lake Anza

The lake features a sandy beach, and the swim season normally runs May through September. During this time, lifeguards are on duty and the Lake Anza Beach Café is open to serve hungry swimmers.

Hiking and Biking

There are more than thirty-nine trails within the park. While some are for hikers and horseback riders only, others are multi-use trails fun for bike riders, those trotting along on a horse, and everything in between.

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